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Rhetorical analysis with rhetorical appeals Ethos-Pathos and Logos

Name Tutor Course 6th Feb 2018 Nixon is arguing about the injustices that are observed in the way America has been addressing issues that regard its diplomatic relations with other countries especially in the Asian continent in his speech he tries to emphasize on the call for adopting a different approach that will bring amicable understanding between different parties that are involved. He also presents different arguments that he feels would be more appealing to the member states rather than the more self-centered strategies mediator by representing different opinions of the people in the negotiating table so as to attain a peaceful agreement. Nixon uses pathos in his speech to appeal to the audience emotions which appears to be effective. This can be seen in different parts of the speech including ‘If the level of infiltration or our casualties increase while we are trying to scale down the fighting’. Evidently the people will tend to buy his ideas to avoid being victims of war at a later stage.
In 250-500 words, conduct a mini-rhetorical analysis with rhetorical appealing three elements Ethos-Pathos and Logos. Richard Nixon, Presidential Address – “Silent Majority Speech” What is Kerry arguing? What rhetorical strategy do you find most effective? Where does this strategy occur? How does it affect the audience? How does it support Kerry’s argument?
I have attached the file and video link to the attached file

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