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Response to AV

RESPONSE TO AV Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Response to AV When I joined the university I had my eyes set on pursuing a degree in psychology as I want a career in addiction and become a substance abuse counselor. My decision was informed by my past life as to others to quit the vice. The world is plagued with problems which necessitates the need for more psychologists to aid people to cope with the demands of life. Thus I believe my struggle gives me the strength to assist others and change the society for the better.
Positvily respond with a minimum of 85 words to:

For my future career plan, I chose to get involved in is Addictions, for this reason being I have been an addict most of my life and grew up with my brother and my two sisters that are addicts and still struggling with it. I am the oldest and I am the first one that chose to get help, and still in recovery, I was able to break the pattern of addiction in my family and hopefully I can help my brother and sisters one day. I was always strong but never found it inside me until my child was involved then I knew I needed help.

This field will offer me to be successful and to achieve my goals, I want to be a great role model for my son, it will also offer me a chance to help a lot of people that are struggling with addictions and share my story of hope with others. There are many people that have problems and the world needs more people in the field of psychology to give them strength and show them how to be strong with teaching with the right tools. I have been through it and survived now I want to give back and help others.

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