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Response to 2 discussions-

POST #1 I admire how you have handled the discussion. It is really amazing to read your factual argument as you discuss this case of Linda. All your points are in legal framework as far as civil rights are concerned. The Southern Telephone Company is accused for acting in a discriminatory way since it is bound to operate within Title VII of civil right act of 1964. However I feel that law protects interests of the plaintiff at CFF because it will be treated just as any public company. Finally from your argument one can clearly see that the Company’s decision was aimed to increase performance and productivity. The management thinks that men can perform this task better than women. I therefore think that it was not a decision against female gender since they are still assigned to other duties that they can do better. Work Cited Gerdman D. (2017). Why Employers Favor Men. Retrieved from
I will be posting 2 different responses to an legal environment question and I need an insightful response (couple of paragraphs) to each one. Due by Saturday 1/20/18!!

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