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RACE GENDER AND ETHNICITY IN RELATION TO CRIME Course Name Student’s Name Date Race Gender and Ethnicity in Relation to Crime Introduction Race refers to the physical characteristics of an individual such as bone structure eye and hair color or skin pigmentation an example being white or black skin. Ethnicity is associated with cultural factors such as nationality ancestry religion or language. An example of ethnicity is Spanish ancestry (Martinez 2006). Gender is the state of being either male or female especially with reference to cultural or social differences. Research has shown that gender ethnicity and race have correlations with crime and this paper seeks to address how each of these link with crime. Correlations between crime and gender Both males and females commit crimes and are victims of crime as well. The difference is offence as compared to the whites Discrimination is witnessed in racial gender and ethnic set ups where minorities in race and ethnicity are more discriminated and males are more discriminated than females on gender basis. Discrimination occurs too in instances where offenders belonging to majority groups are most of the times cautioned while the minorities are persecuted for a similar offence. References Heimer K. & Kruttschnitt C. (Eds.). (2006). Gender and crime: Patterns of victimization and offending. NYU Press.Martinez R. & Valenzuela Jr A. (Eds.). (2006). Immigration and crime: Race ethnicity and violence. NYU Press.Piquero A. R. Moffitt T. E. & Lawton B. (2005). Race and Crime: The Contribution of Individual Familial and Neighborhood-Level Risk Factors to Life-Course-Persistent Offending.Walker S. Spohn C. & DeLone M. (2012). The color of justice: Race ethnicity and crime in America. Cengage Learning.
I need a 3 page response paper due by Sunday attached is the file.

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