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RESPONSE TO MR Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Response to MR The surrounding environment can be said to influence the developmental stages of a human being from childhood into adulthood. Development in human beings does not occur only in the physical form but also emotionally cognitively and socially. focus from the individual and focuses on how the society influences the growth of a child. Therefore it is crucial for psychologists everywhere to understand and differentiate the theories to have a better grasp on childhood development. References Berk L.E. (2018). Childhood development. Boston; Munich: Pearson Education.
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This week’s discussion focuses on child development psychology. Development is the bridge between who we were and who we are becoming. I would closely associate the term development with “evolution.” When something or someone is evolving it is constantly changing into something else. The environment can play a major role in evolution. The same can be said about development in relation to humans.

It is important that psychology professionals have an understanding of child development. As mentioned in the book, there are three domains of development: physical, cognitive, and emotional and social. Physical development justifies the changes in physical appearance as well as health. Cognitive development describes changes in intellectual abilities. Emotional and social development forms our self-understanding, knowledge about self and others, friendships and moral reasoning. All of these play an important role in shaping who we are as a person (Berk, 2016).

Three important theorists of child development psychology were: Erikson, Piaget, and Vygotsky. Erikson believed in the psychoanalytic perspective in regards to child development. Similar to Freud, he was the first to recognize the lifespan nature of development. He also believed that normal development should be understood in relation to each culture’s life situation. Piaget focused more on the cognitive development theory. He believed that the child’s development was linked in conjunction with the brain developing. This theory was challenged many times by theorists due to its limitations. Vygotsky’s theory was similar to Piaget in the sense of believing cognitive development within the brain of a child. However, believed that this cognitive development is most important with social interactions. He also believed that children depended on assistance from adults and more expert peers (Berk, 2016).

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