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Respond Positively To First Name Last Name Institution It is true that one of the major reasons why the elderly in America are considered to be a high-risk population is regarding health and wellness. Age increases the risk factors that place most of this population at high risk of chronic illness and extreme injuries. Chronic diseases result in financial issues because is a need for the government to make insurance for the elderly more accessible and affordable for the families. Reference Jack C. R. Knopman D. S. Jagust W. J. Petersen R. C. Weiner M. W. Aisen P. S. … & Lesnick T. G. (2013). Tracking pathophysiological processes in Alzheimer’s disease: an updated hypothetical model of dynamic biomarkers. The Lancet Neurology  12(2) 207-216.
Respond Positively to: Older people are considered an at-risk population because of many different reasons the first being chronic disease. The second is the cost of living is much higher and this is a problem for the elder. It leaves them having to choose to buy their mediation or food or pay bills. Therefore, most elderly people end up in nursing homes. How I would respond to someone neglecting their elder with Alzheimer’s would be calling Adult Protective Service. I believe APS could help not only the person being neglected but teach the caregiver the right and responsible way to care for this type of person. The other person I would contact would the local police department.

Vernon Council on Aging would be a great place to start for support. They provide support and education on assisted living, memory care, independent living, home care and hospice care. The AAA is a program that provides information and assistance for older adults and those who care for them. Based on the increasing numbers of elderly I do not believe society is doing enough to help families that care for the older adult members. Example, my mother is 56 and has stage 6 dementia we are caring for her 100% out of pocket my dad works a lot to provide for her needs. My brother and sister and I have all pitched in to care there is no medical insurance they make just a tad bit too much money to qualify for Medicaid there are too many assets in there names so now they are going to sale their house to move assets out of their name, so we can get her the much needed help she needs.

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