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Research two companies, Apple and Alibaba, their leaders

Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Comparison Between Apple and Alibaba Companies Introduction Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company in the United States that design develop and sells computer software and computer electronics. The CEO of this company is Tim Cook. Tim cook uses democratic and transformational leadership styles in managing the company. Tim Cook’s traits include paying investors back and product lines and product differentiation commitments. Alibaba Group Holding Limited is was founded by Jack Ma and is a Chinese company that provides electronic commerce. The CEO of Alibaba Holding is Daniel Zhang. to develop and peculiarly blend leadership. Transformational Leadership motivates employees thus enhancing productivity and efficiency through high visibility and efficiency. Locating weak spots making imperfect decisions quitting coordinating purposefully skills are important because they assist all leaders not only Daniel Zhang I making worthy decisions in the company. Works Cited Case V: Alibaba: A Decade-Long Road to Financial Services.” Management for Professionals  2017 pp. 83-109. Investopedia. How Does Tim Cook’s Management Style Differ from Steve Jobs? October 28 2015 What is Tim Cook’s Managerial Style? Investopedia. What is Tim Cook’s Managerial Style? September 12 2017
Synthesize what you learned about the companies by answering these questions. Please be precise, and use acceptable business writing (do not use academic of informal writing styles). Each question should be answered by one paragraph.
a)Which company is more successful? Why?

b) Which leader is a more effective? Why?

c) Which traits and styles of each leader will you try to exhibit yourself at MSU? In your employment? Why are these important to you?

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