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Research/ reflection journal

Student’s name Professor’s name Affiliated institution Date Fake News A few months ago we had no fake news all news that we used to receive was true and credible.Now we have the democracy on trial with the emergence of so much fake news in the internet and can cause revolutions among the people since the people are not able to differentiate what is real and what is not real. It is one of the favorite terms that Donald Trump loves to use and it may at some time prompt governments to regulate and take control of what happens on the social media platforms. We are an information age where people are allowed to create and disperse their information and thus this comes with its range of challenges. One to misuse that and create fake videos which are spread all over the internet. Also a factor that contributes to that is the fact that the technical skills are self-taught and thus there is no much guidance on ethics and conduct. From now going forward it will be more difficult sharing in the social media. The mainstream media has also fallen victims of the same fake news again thus the people may choose not to care to share even if the information is available. The social media owners have a role to play when it is to fight the propagation of fake news on their platforms where Facebook has already started that program. The governments should pass policies that make those who spread fake news are severally punished.
Research/Reflection Journal #1
Open the link below and read the article from Business Insider entitled, “CGI and AI are going to turbocharge ‘fake news’ and make it far harder to tell what’s real.” Please read the article thoroughly by Thursday, January 25, and be ready to discuss it in class. This article will serve as the first research/reflection article for journal entry #1. I will provide some ideas and instruction about how to go about analyzing the article so that you can create an analysis of your own; however, be sure to have completed the MyLabsPlus module regarding “Writing Rhetorical Analyses” as the article will be discussed within the context of a rhetorical analysis.

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