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Research Paper (Argument Essay)

GET OUT Introduction The film “Get Out” is an acclaimed social horror-thriller portrays racial relations in America. The film follows the life Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) a young black man who dates a white girl against the advice of his friend. The white girl Rose (Allison Williams) takes Chris to meet her parents only for a racist America and to existing literature on the race issue. Conclusion- The movie “Get Out” accurately portrays what it feels to be a minority in America and more specifically to be African American. The symbolism in the movie paints the picture of what makes the different races interact in the way they do.
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You are free to complete your research on whatever poem(s), story(s), play(s), author(s), or works of drama (play(s) or screenplay(s)) you choose; however, it must be approved by me before you begin.

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