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Name Course Instructor Date Research Memo BASICS OF RECYCLING MEMORANDUM TO: Environmental Protection Agency FROM: DATE: Recycling is a process through which waste materials are converted to new material for reuse that is transforming waste into a reusable product (Morgenstern 17). It could also be taken to mean returning a product to a previous stage during a cyclic process. To recycle is to simply use again. Every year about one point two trillion masses of crude sewage and industrial waste is dumped into the US waters. Children makeup about 10% and are most affected by over 40% of diseases caused by environmental pollution. More than about three million children under the age of five die annually due to diseases caused by environmental factors (Sandoval 56). Recycling could minimize such factors. This paper will discuss the relevance and benefits mean that the product was manufactured using recycled material collected from either the recycling or manufacturing process; post-consumer content to mean it was made up of recycled material collected during the recycling process and not manufacturing process and finally recyclable product. Figure 1.0 Works Cited Davies J. Clarence. Comparing environmental risks: tools for setting government priorities. Routledge 2014. Morgenstern Richard D. Economic analyses at EPA: assessing regulatory impact. Routledge 2014. Portney Paul R. ed. Public policies for environmental protection. Routledge 2016. Sadef Y. et al. “Waste-to-energy and recycling value for developing integrated solid waste management plan in Lahore.” Energy Sources Part B: Economics Planning and Policy 11.7 (2016): 569-579. Sandoval Leonard Frank. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan-TA-60 Roads and Grounds Facility and Associated Sigma Mesa Staging Area. No. LA-UR-18-20705. Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL) Los Alamos NM (United States) 2018.
and the due date for this assignment is Sunday Feb 25th on 11:00 pm

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