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Request for Proposal

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Request for Proposal The women emancipation program geared towards empowering women trainees to undertake the jobs stereotyped for men is yet again to resurface. This program will be offered by the ABC Company starting next year 2018 January. As an effort to manage the problems experienced in the previous training program most of which were forwarded by the trainees ABC Company would like to invite you to offer the feasible solutions to managing the identified problems through a proactive measure expertise in strategic management 2. Have experience in handling the human resource element of any organization or institution supported by documentation. 3. Provide an example of management issues he/she efficiently handled within their organization and details of how the problems were resolved. Timeline The potential bidder should provide their proposals for the solutions identified during the first week of January 2018. Also each bidder should submit their contact details together with three copies of their proposals to ABC Company for prior assessment and evaluation.
For this paper, you will submit a Request for proposal and define the issue and the type of help you are looking for. I am using a fictitious name for this company as the ABC company, Please see a sample of the consulting project paper identifying the problem in this company as well as other files attached about RFP. You are to write a hypothetical proposal based on the problem identified. Ex: What kind of help are you looking for, what are the details, how will you summarize this for the vendors to bid or become interested in the proposal? what will be the solution to the management issue in this company? How will the request for proposal be written, the format the candidate should use, dates and deadline to submit bids, How will the RFP address the problems listed to attract the right potential candidate? What skills should the candidate have? See the RFP for tips on doing an RFP and what to include in it. Thanks. Cynthia

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