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Reponding to Social health needs

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Responding to Social Health Needs Health is an important component that asserts the harmony and survival of people in any society. There are numerous threats to the health of people which make it necessary for the government to put in place measures like legislating towards eliminating the health risks that are available. The environment for instance if it is not regulated by laws in place might be subject to abuse especially in scenarios where human actions contribute significantly in the degradation instance requires the creation of a culture that will involve promoting the desire for people to take on exercises as a move to keep them fit and healthy. The laws should provide for ways that will encourage people to create awareness which makes people understand the need to contribute in ways that will provide for healthy living practices. Works Cited Coffee Gina Pamela Fenning and Tommy L. Wells. “An Essential Foundation for Healthy Development.” (2016). Marmot Michael and Ruth Bell. “Fair society healthy lives.” Public health 126 (2012): S4-S10.
Identify at least 2 ways the law has been used to respond to health-harming social needs in health communities. Do you feel the response was effective? What changes would you recommend as a healthcare regulator? Justify your rationale.

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