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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing: A New Strategic Viewpoint Learner First Name and Learner Last Name California Southern University Course (example: MGT 87500) Date Mentor Name Relationship Marketing: A New Strategic Viewpoint The global business market is highly competitive and firms use strategies such as relationship marketing to gain a competitive advantage. Relationship marketing involves attempts by a firm to retain clients by improving customer services and improving customer satisfaction (Berry 1983). To ensure customer satisfaction firms usually use traditional methods such as gathering data or modern procedures like reading online reviews to improve their products and services. This paper will focus on relationship management and find a new procedure that benefits both the customer and the firm. Relationship Marketing The main principle of relationship marketing for a business is to retain its customers by forming long-term relationships (Gronroos 1990). As such organizations view clients as being an equal partner in business London: Kogan Page. Sheth J. N. (2000). Handbook of relationship marketing. Thousand Oaks Calif. [u.a.: Sage Publ. Berry L. L. (1983). Relationship marketing. American Marketing Association. Ostrowski P. L. O’Brien T. V. & Gordon G. L. (1993). Service quality and customer loyalty in the commercial airline industry. Journal of travel research 32(2) 16-24. Stathopoulou A. & Balabanis G. (2016). The effects of loyalty programs on customer satisfaction trust and loyalty toward high-and low-end fashion retailers. Journal of Business Research 69(12) 5801-5808. Dellarocas C. Zhang X. M. & Awad N. F. (2007). Exploring the value of online product reviews in forecasting sales: The case of motion pictures. Journal of Interactive marketing 21(4) 23-45. Gopal R. D. Walter Z. & Tripathi A. K. (2001). Admediation: New horizons in effective email advertising. Communications of the ACM 44(12) 91-96. Rowley J. (2009). Online branding strategies of UK fashion retailers. Internet Research 19(3) 348-369.
Essay – 4 pages APA format (a minimum of 1,000 words, double-spacing, Times New Romans – 12 point font with one inch margins). See attachment for formatting requirements.
Please write on the below topic:
Relationship Marketing: A New Strategic Viewpoint

1. Start with an Introduction that will tie in the below questions/information.
2. What is Relationship Marketing?
3. Describe Relationship Marketing and give examples for different industries/manufacturers.
4. Describe and present some new strategies or procedures for Relationship Marketing that still meets the same organizational goals or functions, but in a more efficient and effective way. You may utilize existing methodologies, software or processes.
5. Provide justification on how your strategy will deliver value to the firm or customer. The strategic direction should lead to some organizational objective or success factor for the business (value).
6. End with a conclusion.
Be sure to cover all of the above to include an introduction and a conclusion and use subheadings to ensure easy transitions from one paragraph to the other.
Please provide a minimum of 5 scholarly references in APA format and cite all references.
Needed by, Friday March 9th, 2018.

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