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Reflective Case Study – Title to be determined

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Reflective case study Introduction is among the fastest developing online commercial directory services website both in Australia and globally. The business stands as a business unit on its own under News Digital Media (NDM). NDM is an organizational management group for the individual business Units and it is possessed by Murdoch’s News Corporation which is among the main telecommunication corporations in the world (Benn Dexter and Andrew 23). This case study examines the senior management changes that happened in the company. Organizational changes happen in different companies in their life cycles and are something that is common for different businesses. Globalization informs the changes in the organizations among many other factors that influence day to day business. Globalization has led to advanced technologies environmental changes and cultural diversification factors that necessitate organization changes at some points. There exists a great literature highlighting many negative the digital media. The business unit undertook major changes in its management. The main aim was to change the culture and the structure of the organization. Apart from the successful changes in the structure and the composition of the company’s management the company change its motivational strategies that were used by the management. The changes brought about better performance in the organization. Work cited Bahler Matthew et al. “Change Management and Negotiation.” Benn Suzanne Dexter Dunphy and Andrew Griffiths. Organizational change for corporate sustainability. Routledge 2014. Cummings Thomas G. and Christopher G. Worley. Organization development and change. Cengage Learning 2014. Monday Richard T. Lyman W. Porter and Richard M. Steers. Employee—organization linkages: The psychology of commitment absenteeism and turnover. Academic Press 2013. Starbuck Bryan et al. “Contact data structure and management.” U.S. Patent Application No. 11/190 507. Van Schie Yvette. “What’s the hurry?.” Professional Beauty Jan/Feb 2012 (2012): 196.
Please ensure that the case study is based in the Rail or Telecommunications industry and focusses on one of the following as per the assignment requirements in the atttached file:
• When Teamwork failed to meet its objective
• The appropriate use of power in the workplace
• Organisational Change

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