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Reflection Paper on Untihinkable Movie

Reflection Paper on Unthinkable Movie Name Professor Course Date Reflection Paper on Unthinkable Movie The moral principles that control a person’s behavior or how he conducts an activity is known as ethics. Ethical decisions are met when proper decisions are considered other than unethical and inappropriate decisions. In our day to day life ethics should be deemed to have a peaceful society. For example in the film Steven Arthur Younger wanted to boom three urban areas in America due to lack of ethics in his life. This is because if he had ethics he should have had the morals of caring about other people’s lives instead of thinking about exploding them with nuclear booms. It isn’t right for a person to kill his or her citizens but this can only change if people the movie to fulfill the terms and conditions of his work. If it were not so H could have been seen as a failure because of failing to complete his mission (Hinman 2003). In America most citizens are more into Christianity religion than the Muslim religion. Christianity thus resembles the religion of the state. In ethical normalism normalism is a philosophical view which opposes the existence of universals and abstract objects. America opposes the existence of Muslims in their country because their religion is represented by the Christianity religion. In conclusion American government opposes the Muslim religion in their country because they believe that their religion is better than theirs (Hinman 2003). Reference Top of Form Hinman L. M. (2003). Ethics: A pluralistic approach to moral theory. Belmont CA: Thomson/Wadsworth. Bottom of Form
Critique the movie and analyze all the ethical decision you see in the movie.
You need to apply all this concept:
Describe ethical relativism
Ethical Pluralist
Ethical Normalist
Ethical Absolute

The book I am using for the class is Ethics (A Pluralistic Approach to Moral Theory) By Lawrence M. Hinman you can use an older version online. All the concepts can be find it on the book.


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