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Reading project

Student’s Name Cage Bird Summary The author of the poem contrasts two birds a free bird who is free to accomplish dreams and a caged bird who is oppressed with no opportunity to develop but expresses hope through a song that freedom sill finally come. The caged bird is a symbol of the downgraded African Americans and the experience that they have in the society. Analysis The reading expresses the experience of Africans in the white dominated society and the circumstances they undergo as they try to achieve their dreams. The caged bird is the Africans and the free birds are the Whites. The author uses contrast in comparing the two birds. Synthesis The reading has a connection with the racial discrimination especially in the communities where Blacks are not given equal opportunities restricting their progress. The reading depicts the oppression that some people undergo in the society as the story. What caught my attention is that the mother of the fallen soldier still feels much grief despite that the soldier had been buried. The reading is a manifestation that war brings nothing but death separating people from their loved ones. The reading uses foreshadowing as a writing style the solider remembers how they expressed brotherhood with the fallen friend. Response I think this is an informative reading it makes us aware of the pain and anguish that the families of the fallen soldiers and friends in the military experience. The soldier cries at the burial of a friend and a fellow soldier and at the same time comforts the mother of his friend. The reading makes me feel bad about war; I pity the woman who has lost his son. Vocabulary Meager-[adj] insufficient in both quality and quantity Pouch- [n] a small bag carried on the person
answer the question after reading
have three essays need to read
two of them are short articles

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