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Name Professor Course Date Race class gender and notion of matrix of domination As asserted by Andersen Margaret and Patricia (2) matrix of domination is the interlocking relationship between race gender and class. None can function alone but they all function as a system of simultaneous operations. They also entail other social facts like age sex disability and even place management. It is clear therefore that race gender and class are interrelated. Works cited Andersen Margaret and Patricia Hill Collins. Race class & gender: An anthology. Nelson Education 2015. Lopez Nancy. Hopeful girls troubled boys: Race and gender disparity in urban education. Psychology Press 2003. Lorde Audre. “Age race class and sex: Women redefining difference.” Cultural Politics 11 (1997): 374-380.
Please explain the notion of the intersection of race, class and gender and the notion of “the matrix of domination”? Please describe what Audrey Lorde means by the notion of heteronormative and the mythical norm?

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