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Rat Park

Name: Instructor: Course: Instructor: Rat Park There are always news reports that drugs are addictive but are this correct? In the article “Rat Park” by Lauren Slater. The author mentioned: to prove that drugs are not addictive Alexander studied the “Rat Park” experiment and proved that drugs are not addictive as long as they are in a comfortable environment. The experimental design of Rat Park entailed the following design: First the establishment of two labs where the rats were confined. One of the laboratories had a warm temperature enough food and both male and female rats were confined because sexual life makes rats improve their well-being. Another lab is a crowded and isolated cage. Secondly the researcher added addicted rats in both labs and provided pure water and morphine-addled water. The result of this experiment was that rats of war zones”(p.2). Mate proved that environment is the chief substantial influencing factor in enhancing drug dependency. When the soldiers are in the hail of bullets their addiction rate is very high but the addiction rate became normal when they returned to their hometown. As it turned out the environment has the significant impact on addiction. To sum up it is clear that drug addiction is significantly determined by the prevailing conditions that an individual is subjected to. If the environment is very stressful then the dwellers are likely to get addicted to drugs as compared to individuals in an environment that is free of stressful factors. It is prudent to state that drugs are not addictive as people tend to believe but the addiction is influenced by the external conditions in the environment that are surrounding us.
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