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Qualtitative research project

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Introduction Research is the process where different methods and strategies are used by the researcher when they are collecting different sets of data. In various organizations and institutions it is established that much of the workings that are found in these systems are usually controlled by the presence of information and data collection methods are what leads to the generation of information in these organizations. These have resulted to the famous quotation that is made which states that knowledge is power meaning that when individuals have information at their discretion they will be able to communicate different processes and ideas that will result to positive news. It is through this means that the professionals researchers industries and governments end up having difficulties in functioning when they lack information at their hands. These calibers of people will find it difficult to make any meaningful on stress levels that researchers can encounter during the data collection process. Observation method also plays a role in facilitating valid and reliable data as the data collection method results inaccurate data. The collected data are deemed as accurate as the researcher is the one who receives the data through what he or she can see. Research organizations should understand n the different strategies and critical characteristics of observation data collection process to ensure that they engage in proper data collection and minimization of errors in the process. Works Cited Berg Bruce L and Howard Lune. Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences. 2017. Print. Brennen Bonnie. Qualitative Research Methods for Media Studies. 2017. Print. Hennink Monique Inge Hutter and Ajay Bailey. Qualitative Research Methods. London: SAGE Publications Ltd 2015. Internet resource.McIlwain Charlton JoEllen Fisherkeller Erich Dietrich and Rodney Benson. Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences. 2017. Internet resource.
Students must choose one of the following essay titles:
a. Critically evaluate the role of observational data in qualitative research and discuss the key characteristics of the processes of data collection and analysis when using observation as main data source.

In their essay, students should expand on the materials discussed in class by exploring further relevant literature and by illustrating and corroborating their arguments through examples of academic research practice (for instance, by referring to research published in academic journals and publications).
Marking of the Individual Coursework will comply with the MSc Marking Guide.
The Business School requires references (in both the text of your assignment and as a list at the end of your assignment) to be organised and presented using the ‘Harvard System’ for citations.

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