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Quality Management Tools

Name Institution Abu Dhabi Hotel Industry Date of submission Abu Dhabi National Hotels The hotel industry also referred to as the hospitality industry encompasses all the establishments that provide meals and accommodation out of the comfort of one’s everyday home. Such services seek to target both the residents of that city and visitors from outside. For any city with a clearly projected development plan the hotel industry has to be put into proper consideration as it deals directly with the tourists who are one of the most outstanding positive contributors to any economy (Holzberg 2005). This paper seeks to critically analyze key aspects of this industry with regards to its contribution to the economy of Abu Dhabi. Established in 1976 and listed as a public company the Abu Dhabi National Hotels has the United Arab Emirates government owning part of its shares. Abu Dhabi National Hotels is an extensive hotel again. The quality of service offered t the customer on the other hand solely depends on whether the employees of the hotel have a conducive working environment. This circle forms part of the reason why the management therefore has to use the kind of process mapping that has been discussed above. When strictly adhered to this kind of documentation will help the hotels achieve and maintain their objective of providing word class hospitality services. References Davidson C. M. (2009). Abu Dhabi: Oil and beyond. London: Hurst. Dempsey M. C. (2014). Castles in the sand: A city planner in Abu Dhabi. Holzberg B. (2005). Luxury hotels. Kempen: teNeues. Pawar M. S. (2004). Data collecting methods and experiences: A guide for social researchers. Elgin IL: New Dawn Press Quinn D. (2006). Dubai explorer. Dubai: Explorer. Weller S. C. & Romney A. K. (1988). Systematic data collection. Newbury Park Calif: Sage Publications.
Choose any organization in an industry of your choice in UAE.

a. Introduction about the industry and why quality is important there, you may use existing articles minimum two from many research journals or text books.
b. Introduction about the organization and its quality mission if any, State the challenge and objective of your study and the method you used to collect data- primary or secondary data. Use existing articles minimum two from many research journals or text books
c. Explain the key quality process that you are studying as a problem and collect information about the same or quality tools the organization use to map the process if available- graphs, control charts or any method can be given.
d. Analyze the quality process, draw a new process map and discuss tools that can be used to improve quality from what you have learned in BUS 4543-
e. Provide recommendations in process improvement and any new quality tools that can be used by the organization –
f. Conclude and summarize the study. –
g. References –APA style

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