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Psychodynamic Approaches Comparison Paper

Psychodynamic approaches Name Course Tutor Date Importance of utilizing a variety of psychodynamic approaches Psychodynamic therapy uses an examination of a patient’s childhood history because most of the problems originate from their childhood lifestyles. It therefore requires that for a therapist to administer his therapy well he must fully understand the childhood emotional problems that the patient might have faced. Some or all experiences that a person faces in their childhood must have an effect on them. It is somewhat difficult to fully examine and understand this through the use of a single psychodynamic approach. It requires supportive counseling that involves a number of psychodynamic approached to come up with the best therapeutic results (Castonguay Louis G and Clara 2015). The use of as a variety of psychodynamic approaches helps the therapist to find the real root cause of the problem. The use of these approaches provides them with to gain aggression as a defense mechanism. Every normal person wishes to feel superior. We are all rational and we prefer superior to inferior. Therefore when a person feels inferior they try their best to become superior through a given defense mechanism. The defense mechanism helps them to encounter the inferiority feeling. The aggression takes place when a person is at a given development stage. Works cited Busch Fredric Marie Rudden and Theodore Shapiro. Psychodynamic Treatment of Depression. 2016.Internet resource. Via Castonguay Louis G and Clara E. Hill. Transformation in Psychotherapy: CorrectiveExperiences Across Cognitive Behavioral Humanistic and Psychodynamic Approaches.Washington: American Psychological Association 2015. Internet resource. Via Luyten Patrick Linda C. Mayes Peter Fonagy Mary Target and Sidney J. Blatt. Handbook ofPsychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology. 2017. Print. Reiter Michael D and Ronald J. Chenail. Behavioral Humanistic-Existential and Psychodynamic Approaches toCouples Counseling. Florence: Taylor and Francis 2017. Via
Use your “Theory Review Chart” to complete the following essay.

Write a 1,000-1,250-word essay in which you explain the need for various psychodynamic approaches. You will also compare and contrast the three psychodynamic approaches discussed throughout the topic. Your essay must include the following:

A discussion of why it is important to understand and utilize a variety of psychodynamic approaches.
An overview of each of the following approaches: psychoanalysis, analytical, and individual.
Compare and contrast the key differences and similarities between views of human nature and therapeutic techniques for each approach.
Explain how each theory supports or conflicts with your personal view of human nature.

You must include a minimum of three academic references beyond the textbook to support your essay.

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