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Psy 105 Module 6 Critical Thinking

Domestic Abuse versus Senile & Mental Deficit Disorders Name Course Unit Professor Date Contrasting Domestic Abuse and Mental Disorders My grandmother has accused my aunt and uncle of abusing her and stealing her money to use for their own pleasures. She has given bruises on the side of her face as well as on both her wrists as physical evidences of the claims she purports. On the other hand my uncle and aunt are attributing her claims to mental delusions that result from the Von Willebrand’s Syndrome which my grandmother was diagnosed with. In order to comprehensively analyze the situation all the facts have to receive ample consideration for either party could be on the wrong; for instance the uncle and aunt could lie about the abuse owing it to the Von Willebrand’s Syndrome that my grandmother has been diagnosed would prove her as having more than just Von Willebrand’s Syndrome. Thereafter I would show her the money and explain to her that she is sick. In contrast in the case that the money really is missing or my uncle and aunt refuse to give their expense receipts and account information it would prove irrefutably that they are guilty of domestic abuse and stealing. Consequently I would take legal action against them and ensure that my grandmother does not live in their care anymore. References Hester Marianne & Westmarland Nicole (2005). Home Office Research Study 290: McKeown Annette (2014). Attachment personality and female perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Tackling Domestic Violence: effective interventions and approaches [Pg. 27-28] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2007). Full Report: The Diagnosis Evaluation and Management of Von Willebrand’s Disease NIH Publication No. 08-5832
See attached, Choose only 1 option not both , Required readings also attached as need citations

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