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Project Effects

Project Effects Name Institutional Affiliations It is the desire of everyone handling a business project or any other project to successfully accomplish it. A project that has been successfully completed makes you feel proud and fulfilled. It encourages and motivates and also gives one the confidence to deal with any other project. Accomplishment is the key to self-esteem. Satisfaction and fulfillment arise from the inner self. It feels nice to successfully complete a project it attracts good rewards and profits. Having the knowledge of your project was satisfying or not. This is done by the senior manager through interviewing the customer and developing a feedback on the performance of the team. A completed project gives the client a sense of satisfaction and makes the client confident with the project team members. It also enables the client to rate the services of the company and also give recommendations on how to improve. This gives the client a sense of belonging and will make the client come for the company’s services again.
I need a two-page paper answering the questions on the attached file. No references or citations.

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