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Product Design

Name: Professor’s name: Institution: Date: THE COMPARATION OF IPHONE 6S AND MOTOROLA MOTO Z IN TERMS OF MODULARITY The recent past has seen the descent of super mobile phones with enormous inbuilt and externally attached capacities to store and process data therefore performing critical functions that are quite important in our day to day lives. In the smart phone world modularity would personally prefer the Motorola Moto Z. Its unique light weight optimized screen size and the modular features definitely make it the best bet in the modular smartphone market. Sources cited Motorola Moto Z review: A ‘modulasr’ phone that just clicks”. CNET. Retrieved 2 March 2017.iPhone 6S”. Apple Inc. Archived from the original on September 28 2015. Retrieved December 21 2016
#Compare and #Contrast (Motorola Moto Z vs. iPhone 6s) from modularity point of view. Which one would you prefer and why?

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