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Problem Solving And Decision Making Management Report

PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING MANAGEMENT REPORT Student’s name Business Professor Institution Date Executive summary The UK has an organization that upholds general social protection structure called the National Health Service. NHS involves a movement of uninhibitedly financed social protection structures in the UK. It uses the National Health Organizations in Northern Ireland England and Scotland as well as Wales. The NHS plan ensures more power and information for patients additionally recuperating focuses and beds more experts and medicinal specialists on very basic conditions for game plans improved therapeutic services for patients and harder models for NHS affiliations. The NHS in Britain is at present confronting a time of progress that will influence all parts of its activity. Conveying the required political changes inside the limitations of the current monetary atmosphere will be a challenge. Coupling this with expanding interest for administrations caused by an aging population and the NHS England: predicting the impact of building portfolio age. International Journal of Strategic Property Management  19(2) pp.159-172. Mockford C. Staniszewska S. Griffiths F. and Herron-Marx S. 2011. The impact of patient and public involvement on UK NHS health care: a systematic review. International journal for quality in health care  24(1) pp.28-38. Steele D. and Cylus J. 2012. United Kingdom (Scotland): health system review. Health systems in transition  14(9) pp.1-150. Swanson D.J. and Creed A.S. 2014. Sharpening the focus of force field analysis. Journal of change management  14(1) pp.28-47. Team F.M.E. 2013. PESTLE Analysis. Strategy Skills. Free management ebooks p.15. Toland L. and Guidera J. 2017. Sustainability. Waterson P. 2014. Health information technology and sociotechnical systems: A progress report on recent developments within the UK National Health Service (NHS). Applied Ergonomics  45(2) pp.150-161. World Health Organization and World Health Organization. Management of Substance Abuse Unit 2014. Global status report on alcohol and health 2014. World Health Organization.
This paper needs to be of A+ standard..!!! The word count needs to be of 4100 words.
This paper needs to focus on the current situation of the NHS in the UK and the impact it’s having on the stakeholders. This paper must use the PESTLE framework to define in detail 3 main issues of the NHS using PESTLE and 3 other problems in less detail. This paper must be done as a report and must include a cover page, executive summary, contents page, introduction, main body, recommendation, conclusion, harvard reference list and a bibliography. A total of 18 references is required. The paper must only use academic sources that includes Journals, Textbooks, Articles and Websites. Harvard style referencing is required!!!

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