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Problem and solution (gender pay gap)

Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Gender Pay Gap I. Introduction The Gender pay gap refers to the inequality situation touching men and women differences in their median wage income. It is also imperative to define it as the condition where men and women receive unequal treatment owing to the fact that they cannot perform similar functions. The issue of gender pay gap as well comes from various distinctions such that they are empirically grounded and socially constructed in such a manner that they are similar to others in the contemporary environment. Women as pertains weaker gender are recognized to lag behind men in circumstances and situations with clear existing differences in matters education regional location wage structures age hours worked and job experience and thus wage disparity and a valid cause of earning discrepancies. This essay is set to outline the problems and its solutions regarding the amount the gender pay gap. Nevertheless there are high chances of increased development in the future if only the country’s cultural economic and political sundries are put aside and the country as one engages in several diverse and liberal routes to condense the gender wage gap as well as to complete gender equality. Works Cited Blau Francine D. “Gender inequality and wages.” OUP Catalogue (2016). Robeyns Ingrid. “Sen’s capability approach and gender inequality: selecting relevant capabilities.” Feminist Economics 9.2-3 (2011): 61-92. Ridgeway Cecilia L. “Interaction and the conservation of gender inequality: Considering employment.” American Sociological Review (2017): 218-235. Blau Francine D. and Lawrence M. Kahn. 2017. “The Gender Wage Gap: Extent Trends and Explanations.” Journal of Economic Literature 55(3): 789-865.Brym R. J. (2014). New Society (7 Ed.). Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd. Buchmann C. DiPrete T. A. & McDaniel A. (2008). Gender Inequalities in Education. Annual Review of Sociology 34(1) 319-337.
part 2 of a 2 part essay. part one will be provided upon hiring. strong thesis and topic sentences.

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