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Principles of operations management

Name CourseProfessor Date The Change process Change is not mostly welcomed in any place for fear of the uncertainties that come with a change. However since change is inevitable and must be encountered so as to bring changes in the society or workplace it is introduced (DOD 2006). The person or group that steers that change rather the innovation champion is an individual that does not look at the current situation only. The world needs someone who would boldly come up with changes and innovations that propel the to include this team to just bring in some technical ideas that the change champion may be desperately needing (DOD 2006). The idea becomes an all rounded one with the inclusion of other people’s ideas. It is true that no one has all the knowledge in the world that would be needed to create everything that is wanted. This therefore brings in the need for the support team and their immense contribution. Reference DOD. (2006). Department of defense continuous process improvement handbook. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office.
For this assignment, please write an essay describing:
The Change Champion. This is the person or group (ideally, a small group) responsible for the continuous improvement of the target process.
The Steering Committee. This is the group that provides “technical expertise and consistency of approach” (DoD CPI, 2006). Who should be on the Steering Committee overseeing the continuous improvement of the target process, and what would they offer the Change Champion? If a Steering Committee is not needed, explain in detail.
The Support Teams and Working Groups. These groups provide specific expertise in support of the improvement project, and implement specific aspects of the improvement project. Describe the composition and function of these groups within the context of your improvement initiative. If they are not needed, explain in detail.

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