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Poverty and brain

INITIAL POST According to Ostrander’s article the brain developments begin in the womb as the embryo develops to fetus. However the level of cognition decision making and emotional self-control improve and flourish at the adolescence stage and adulthood. Based on the article the adverse environmental conditions such as noise poor housing violence chronic stress and family wrangles can be harmful to the brain development just like the abused drugs. Though the bursts of the cortisol can help a person to handle difficulties the long term effects are disastrous. From the video we observe that the children from poor families have less brain surface percentage than those from high-income families. Moreover from the group of twenty-four years old they affect the brains. You realize that most of the children from low-income earning families face a lot of challenges and therefore the hormones are released for a long period of time. The effects are harmful for the development of their brains. I like your comparison of two parents with different salaries raising age-mates. The parent with the higher salary can afford to provide balanced diet for the child expose the child to a conducive environment for learning and provide adequate books for the child. The opposite is true for the child whose parent earns a lower salary. Thus their abilities to speak must also differ. I agree with your stand that poverty affects the development of brains.
the instructions are on the document i sent below. and the other attachment is the 3 students to respond to. thanks kindly! this is not an essay!!

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