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Positive Leadership Behavior

Positive Leadership Behavior Institution: Date: Name: Positive Leadership Behavior For most of the top performing companies all around the world have come to embrace the fact that positive and ethical leadership and more so originating from the topmost leaders does not only become effective to the company but it is also very essential. In the united we have some of the newest technological industries whose key drivers are their respective leaders who facilitate all of their operations. One of these companies is the Facebook Company which was launched at the Harvard University on February 4 2004. Facebook Company is headed by Mark Zuckerberg who is also a computer programmer and an entrepreneur in internet systems. Zuckerberg is the co-founder of facebook and presently he works for the facebook company as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as the chairman (Zuckerberg 2011). Zuckerberg was born in the year 1984 modeling positive ethical leadership behavior. The reason for having these qualities is because understanding what leadership is will help them to known what power they have and consequently they realize the amount and the kind of influence that they have both in the organization and in the society. Work Cited Zuckerberg Mark Aaron Sittig and Scott Marlette. “Tagging digital media.” U.S. Patent No. 7 945 653. 17 May 2011. Kirkpatrick David. The Facebook effect: The inside story of the company that is connecting the world . Simon and Schuster 2011. Effelsberg David Marc Solga and Jochen Gurt. “Transformational leadership and follower’s unethical behavior for the benefit of the company: A two-study investigation.” Journal of Business Ethics 120.1 (2014): 81-93. Mayer David M. et al. “Who displays ethical leadership and why does it matter? An examination of antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership.” Academy of Management Journal 55.1 (2012): 151-171.
Choose a well-known leader.

Conduct research to find out how the leader’s company inspires the workers and managers to emulate the positive attributes reported in the leader’s profile. If possible, call the corporate headquarters of the leader’s company and ask how the company develops leadership skills among its high potential managers.

Briefly discuss the leader, explain what organization the leader works for and what position within that organization the leader holds, and provide a brief biography of your chosen leader.

are this leader’s positive attributes? What makes him or her the exemplar of ethical leadership?

How does this leader model positive, ethical leadership behavior for others?

Based on what you’ve learned about the leader, how would you model positive, ethical leadership behavior for others as a leader?

How does modeling positive, ethical leadership behavior allow leaders in general to set the standards of the organization?

Based on the reading and research you have done, what do you believe are the three most important qualities a leader who models positive, ethical leadership behavior must possess? Why?

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