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Position paper 4

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Using the “best” criminological theory that was presented during this class, write a paper that addresses the following questions: Why does crime happen? Why do people become criminals? How should society respond to crime? Be sure to make an argument that explicitly identifies what you consider to be the single “greatest” criminological theory. At the same time, be sure to explicitly answer each of the three questions. Further, be sure to reflect on how your views may or may not have changed from your first position paper.
Note that this paper must be word-processed. It must be no shorter than Four full pages in length (not including cover page and references), and it must be no longer than 15 pages in length. This paper must be double-spaced with size twelve Times New Roman font and one inch margins. No outside references are necessary. However, if you decide to utilize outside references, be sure to summarize or paraphrase borrowed ideas (rather than using direct quotes). Finally, be sure to correctly cite all course materials and outside references in APA format. Good luck!

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