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Police ethics and deviance

Police Ethics and Deviance Student’s Name Institutional affiliation Introduction Police officers are exposed to many temptations in the midst of carrying out their duties to the public. The deviance associated with police departments can be overcome if officers can acquire college education. Usually officers easily flout regulations because they lack a detailed understanding of their duties and the overall effect of malpractices on their integrity. Analysis From the article ‘Police ethics and deviance’ one comes to terms with the vulnerability of officers to malpractices such as acceptance of bribe leaking of confidential information danger. Besides higher education for officers ensures that there exist little citizen complaints specifically in regard to sexual harassment from women. Conclusion College education is quite relevant in ensuring the avoidance of police deviance. Police brutality the use of profane language and public complaints often surface as a consequence of uneducated officers. Therefore college education ensures cultural awareness which minimizes prejudice and racism as pertains to overcoming crime. References BIBLIOGRAPHY Bond M. (2014 July). How Education Impacts Police Performance. Retrieved from inpublicsafety: Policecrimes. (2005). Police Deviance & Ethics. Retrieved from policecrimes:
Reaction paper apa format style 2 page a cover sheet and reference must be attached see attached files for details

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