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Police Corruption (10 page Research Paper)

Police corruption Name Institution: Student number Course Title Date Police corruption Introduction The rule of law depends on the belief in the ability of the criminal justice system to function efficiently. Public confidence in the criminal justice system ensures that everyone believes in its effectiveness in maintaining the rule of law in the society. The police play a critical role in the management of crime in the country. As a result it is imperative that they are beyond reproach. Although most police officers serve their communities with dignity police corruption has continued to exist. Objective: The objective of this paper is to highlight cases of police corruption in the United States and the negative impact that they have on the rule of law. Methods The research process will involve a detailed review of the existing literature on the subject. The literature review process will focus on developing an in-depth important to ensure that the problem of police corruption receives the attention that it deserves. The police officers should be trained on ethical behavior to enhance their capacity to avoid engaging in the vice. The police department should also invest in the development of monitoring and reporting tools for checking on corruption. Members of the public should also be educated about their rights. Overcoming corruption requires a significant investment in systems and people within the police department. References Abbey-Lambertz Kate. Indicted Detroit Police Officers Allegedly used authority to steal and sell drugs. The Huffington Post. April 2015. Ross Chuck. Feds Investigating Links Between Dallas Cop Killer And Black Liberation Militia Groups. The Daily Caller. September 2016. Trujilo Josmar. Diamond Diners and Rats: The NYPD ‘s Political Gangstars. The Huffingston Post. April 2016. Martin Rich. Police Corruption: An analytical look into police ethics. The Federal Bureu of Investigation. May 2011.
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