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Philosophy Paper – Discuss Nietzsche’s concepts or master morality

Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Master Morality Vs. Slave Morality Nietzsche’s interest in the Ancient Greek philosophy made him believe that they represented western civilization before slave trade was the norm of the day. This later culminated into different forms of ethics such as Christian Kantian and Utilitarian (Deleuze 8). Nietzsche argument was similar to Callicles as he argued that morality was a condition developed by people who were perceived to be ‘weak’ so as to protect themselves from those perceived as ‘strong’ (Deleuze 9). This paper will focus on Nietzsche’s concept of master morality versus slave morality. According to the elitism propounded by Aristotle’s ethics moral excellence was seen to be only available to the great citizens. Nonetheless Nietzsche had a contrary opinion. Of all his works one important theme dominates. Ancient Roman society was established under the master morality. Consequently this morality disappeared as the slave morality being carried out. This statement is ultimately self-defeating and contradictory in nature. This is because consequently the power being used to attack its sources will eventually be weakened so as to make it successful. From the argument Nietzsche was opposed to both master and slave morality. He says that he came upon men and found them resting on the thought that they had known from a long time ago what was good and bad for people. This precisely indicates that he was referring to the existent systems of morality and possibly their perceived lack of groundedness. He therefore views them as being equally bad as the other. Work Cited Deleuze Gilles. Nietzsche and philosophy. Columbia University Press 2006.7-42 Nietzsche Friedrich Maudemarie Clark and Alan J. Swensen. On the genealogy of morality. Hackett Publishing 1998.12-61 Nietzsche Friedrich. Nietzsche:’On the Genealogy of Morality’and Other Writings Student Edition. Cambridge University Press 2006.35-80
Discuss Nietzsche’s concepts or master morality versus slave morality (and perhaps will to power).

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