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Phase Separation Solutions–The China Question

Name Instructor Course Date The structure of an organization entails how the management power and authority within a given organization is spread out over the topmost positions to the lower positions. Moreover the organization strategies policies and the guiding principles are all part of the organization structure. In a nutshell the organization structure includes the already set objectives organization policies organization goals mission statement and the vision statement of the organization. All these aspects of the organization are what determine if an organization is going to be a going concern or not. At the very beginning the p2S known fisheries. In addition to that it is one of the big companies which transport petroleum in China. This is an indication that this area has more oil storage tanks that need to be cleaned up. If the company affiliated with the two companies the vision of actualization internationalization will be attained. This is because venturing with NIES will ensure that the company goes through regulations in a quicker manner. On the other hand venturing with Nahai it will be a very simple way of making the investment. all these adjustments moreover will increase the amount of revenue.
Read the case, that I uploaded, and answer these two questions. Make one page for each question.
1) What was PS2’s initial organizational structure?
2) How should PS2 adjust its organizational structure to fit its international strategy? Justify your answer.

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