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Peer review research methods

Name Institution Instructor Course Date PEER REVIEW RESEARCH METHODS Article: Murray J. Scott H. Connolly C. & Wells A. (2018). The Attention Training Technique improves Children’s ability to delay gratification: A controlled comparison with progressive relaxation. Behaviour Research and Therapy. This article reviews previous literature which indicates a relationship between ATT and positive health self-control and self-will in later life. One missing aspect of the literature though is the close link between ATT and delayed gratification. This literature helps the authors to hypothesize on the outcome of their research. In the research the authors hypothesize that children who have been trained in ATT will show higher ability to delay their gratification than that gratification affects the person’s health through the presence or lack of self-control in eating or satisfying the flesh and that gratification can be better reduced or delayed through childhood ATT training as compared to PMR. The above review shows that the author used the self-regulatory model for the study and effectively concluded that ATT is a good model for delaying gratification in children. The results are based on empirical data from a scientific research thus worth application. As found out ATT can not only be used to train children in delaying their gratification for their appetite but also on refocusing one’s delay in gratification in order to achieve set goals. Reference file:///C:/Users/uujj/Downloads/behavior%20th%20(1).pdf
peer review for research methods, i will send over all the information.

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