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Pathos Essay

Student’s name Professor Course Date The picture does not give the audience the exact story but the kid seems to like the puppy that he is holding. The kid with spectacles is holding the puppy closely to his chest showing how compassionate to his chest. The picture appeals to values of love of the kid to the puppy. There are also values of affection from the kid to the puppy. To some audience the picture appeals values of pity or sympathy to the puppy.
– Write an essay on 1 page only (about Pathos Essay).
– Objective: Study the pictures, and select one. Write a short essay that analyzes how pathos is used to connect to its audience (How would an audience respond emotionally? What value(s) does the image appeal to?).

Method: This is a short essay; be sure to be selective with your word choices and flow of ideas.

(more information and the requests are listed in the Attach File)

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