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Over-protective parent are fearful

Over-Protective Parents Are Fearful Name: Professor: Course Name: Over-Protective Parents Are Fearful The process of growth in humans is characterized by total dependency from toddlers and the need for independence as they approach adulthood. Parenting infants require a lot of commitment from the parent since the child entirely depends on their support. However as the children grow especially into the teenage-hood they feel the need to exercise a higher level of independence. At this stage the kids feel like they need to have a new identity. Some parents also tend to be overprotective at this stage. It is because each parent hopes to protect their child from pain unhappiness bad experiences harm rejection disappointments and failure. Some of the parents feel the need to control every aspect of their kids’ lives which may result to adverse consequences especially regarding the child’s social life (Kiel Premo & Buss 2015). The low self-esteem and confidence creates a situation of the illusion of control and makes kids make poor decisions thus indulging in irresponsible behaviors. The fear of parents regarding the child’s well-being ends up creating a vicious cycle that makes children unable to cope. References Foster S. Villanueva K. Wood L. Christian H. & Giles-Corti B. (2014). The impact of parents’ fear of strangers and perceptions of informal social control on children’s independent mobility. Health & place 26 60-68. Kiel E. J. Premo J. E. & Buss K. A. (2015). Gender Moderates the Progression from Fearful Temperament to Social Withdrawal through Protective Parenting. Social Development 25(2) 235-255. doi:10.1111/sode.12145 Lee S. (2007 July 08). Fears make parents overprotective survey finds. Retrieved March 25 2018 from Simons L. E. Goubert L. Vervoort T. & Borsook D. (2016). Circles of engagement: Childhood pain and parent brain. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 68 537-546.
Write a convincing paper on this topic. Provide 3-4 sources to support your argument. Be simple.

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