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Organizational structure and culture Slp

Organizational Structure and Culture Name Institution Affiliation Course Date Organizational Structure and Culture Organizational culture is the way of carrying business the beliefs norms and styles of management that the organization uses. Having worked in the American Corn Growers Association I can assess the organization culture thoroughly. After evaluating the organization culture it is true that the organization I work for lies in the established or stable culture according to the corporate culture since 6 out of the 10 survey questions hold true to it. Most of the employees in my organization have worked here for a long time and are happy to finish their career in the organization (McGinty & Moss 2001). The employees often get training and skills whenever they require at the right – true 7. When it’s time for me to learn a new skill training is readily available at no cost to me – true 8. When the boss tells us to “jump!” we ask “how high?” – True 9. It takes a long time for this organization to address customer concerns – false 10. Many employees expect to work at this organization for their whole careers – true 11. Senior management says the door is always open — and they mean it – false 12. It is fun to work here – true 13. We have three or fewer layers of management – false 14. We have performance reviews less than once a year – true 15. Compensation and benefits are relatively low here – false
2 page paper written on a graduate Level. Instructions are in the attachment

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