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Organizational behavior

Learned theory and ways an organization do to increase the effectiveness of financial rewards Student’s name Course Instructor Date of submission Question 1 People needs in the whole world are different in various perspectives. Many people have different priorities in their way of living (Tools 2014). Their priorities differ depending on their attitude personality nurture and nature. Many people will always do something for others in need of a return from the work done. According to Human Motivation Theory by McClelland every individual has at least one of the essential driving motivators that include needs for line with the market stance policy. Introducing contribution-related pay scheme The scheme from the evidence done from different studies shows that it has led to improved performance (Armstrong Brown & Reilly 2009). The staff also feels the impact of the scheme as it fairly recognizes their contribution. In conclusion the above-discussed methods can make an organization increase its effectiveness of financial rewards. They will also make the organization to grow and improve in performance. Reference Armstrong M. Brown D. & Reilly P. (2009). Increasing the effectiveness of reward management. In EUROPEAN REWARD MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE (Vol. 2).
A)Learned needs theory states that needs can be strengthened or might a company strengthen the achievement needs of its management team
B) What can organizations do to increase the effectiveness of financial rewards?

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