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Organised crime

Name Instructor Course Date “Racial Profiling ”: Examining Implications and Solutions of Racial Profiling in the Society At the advent generation racial profiling is one of the debatable and critical act which limits the practice of human rights. “The world is at the post-racial era and there is need to find a long lasting solution to the issue” (Nakamura & Peter 5). The most important part in problem solving is finding out the root case and carrying on why racial profiling is against the human rights how they arise and specify paths to resolving the issues. Works cited Melone F. Pitrof E. & Schmidt A. . Arizona 1070: Straw-Man Law Enforcement. Harv. Latino L. Rev 2011. 14 23. Nakamura Lisa and Peter Chow-White eds. Race after the Internet. Routledge 2013. Shmool Jessie LC et al. “Identifying perceived neighborhood stressors across diverse communities in New York city.” American journal of community psychology 56.1-2 (2015): 145-155.
Topic: organised crime
Research proposal from 3 different peer reviewed sources

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