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Operations and Project Management

RESEARCH PROPOSAL By Student’s Name Code+ course name Professor’s name University name City State Date RESERCH PROPOSAL FOR PURPOSE OF OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT EFFECTS OF PROPER EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE POLICIES ON OPERATIONS COST IN APPLE COMPANY ABSTRACT Apple Company is an American multinational technology company located in California that designs develops and sells consumer electronics computer services and online services. Some of its hardware products include iPhone Apple TV digital media among others. The objective of this research proposal is to give directions on how equipment should be maintained and repaired in Apple Company (Linzmayer 2014). This research proposal is aimed at giving way forward on how equipment should be repaired or maintained to reduce the cost the company uses to repair and maintain which in turn reduces the revenues of the company. The proposal will give guidelines on how to repair the equipment of the company. Good maintenance habits and need to be increased. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION In the end this research proposal will make Apple Company spend less time and energy in dealing with repairs and maintenance of equipment. Users of the material should be given training on how to deal with repairs of the machine. A penalty should be given to those who carelessly use the tools. The supervisors should do the proper inspection before accepting the equipment back after use. There also will be the prediction of the future if the company continues using the current methods or will adopt new methods. Reference list Stevenson W.J. and Hojati M. 2012. Operations management (Vol. 8). New York NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Krajewski L.J. and Ritzman L.P. 2011. Operations management: strategy and analysis. Pearson College Division. Linzmayer O.W. 2014. Apple confidential 2.0: The definitive history of the world’s most colorful company. No Starch Press. Kothari C.R. 2014. Research methodology: Methods and techniques. New Age International.
A written proposal for propose an operational improvement for a real organisation. use operational management tools, preferably process mapping, 4 Vs & 5 performance objectives

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