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OD Intervention Project 1

Organization Development Intervention in the Hospitality Industry Student Name: Affiliation: Institution: I will approach the essay as an internal employee in the hospitality industry specifically a manager of a fine dining restaurant called ABC restaurant located in Manhattan. The restaurant offers extensive menus at expensive prices. Customers are required to make reservations to dine. The restaurant also dictates a dress code for the employees. The restaurant only hires highly qualified chefs and waitresses who graduated from hospitality institutions and hold vast experience in the hospitality industry. The restaurant offers five-course meals and a pricey extensive wine menu. The restaurant employs fifty-four employees. One manager two assistant managers two accountants twelve chefs an executive chef a sous chef an assistant to the executive chef Sauté chef Seafood chef roast chef grill chef fry chef vegetable chef a cold-foods chef a butcher pastry chef confisuer chef a Boulanger chef a glacier Confidentiality agreement; outline of confidential terms to be upheld. Outline of legal fines for breaching the confidentiality agreement. Contract cancellation and provisions; outline procedure to be followed if the project goes wrong i.e. disclaimer terms. Outline of provisions for mistakes that may happen at the end of the project. I would develop a Time and Material (T & M) fee structure. Travel and organization development consultants separately billed at actual cost. References Buyers L. (2017). Major Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry in 2017. Major Issues Facing The Hospitality Industry In 2017  1(1) 1. Retrieved from Drenkard S. & Walczak J. (2015). State and Local Sales Tax Rates in 2015. State And Local Sales Tax Rates In 2015  1(1) 1. Green T. (2014). Industry Insider: Eight challenges restaurants face during the festive season  1(1) 1. Retrieved from Hayes D. & Ninemeier J. (2008). Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry (2nd ed.).
Select an organization.

Determine if you will approach the organization as an external consultant or an internal employee, and include a summary of key information about the organization.

Provide background information on the organization. How many people does it employ? In which industry does it operate? Is it a market leader? What types of products or services does it sell?

The problem(s) the selected organization faces. Analyze the problems using the open systems approach by identifying where the need for change arose and what areas of the organization are affected by the need for change. What is the nature of the problems the organization faces? How severe are these problems? Are these problems specific to the organization or common to most organizations in the industry? What do you think are the root causes of these problems?

If you were an external OD consultant, who you would contact regarding working with this organization? What kind of information would you need to include in a contract, and what kind of fee structure would you develop?

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