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Not-for-Profit Org Persuasive Essay including a rough draft and references page

Not-For-Profit Organization Persuasive Essay Name Institution Not-for-Profit Organization Persuasive Essay Introduction The spirit of humanity urges both men and women young and old to act with resolve whenever a fellow human is in dire distress. In a world full of suffering it is crucial for all good-natured people to hearken to the impassioned cries for help from those whose survival is highly dependent on our generosity and timely intervention. Today Syria is facing one of the worst humanitarian situations that the world has ever witnessed. Every day men women and children are massacred on the streets of Aleppo and elsewhere as the civil war continues to rage in the bowels of the country (Barbanel & Sternberg 2005). Wherever you are and whatever you have there is a part that you can play towards assisting the many stranded orphans widows homeless people and the starving population. As such Convoy of towards the restoration of the Syrian society. Giving is a virtue that shall secure you a place in the family of the esteemed benevolent humans who have helped to end gross afflictions that threatened to ruin whole societies. You are assured of leading a healthier and happier life through the art of giving. Moreover it is the only sure way through which humanity can be restored especially to our fellow human beings who reside in Syria. References Barbanel L. & Sternberg R. J. (Eds.). (2005). Psychological interventions in times of crisis. Springer Publishing Company. Chang V. N. Scott S. T. & Decker C. L. (2012). Developing Helping Skills: A Step by Step Approach to Competency. Cengage Learning. Klein P. & Berrie A. (2012). A Passion for Giving: Tools and Inspiration for Creating a Charitable Foundation. John Wiley & Sons. Martin M. W. (1994). Virtuous giving: Philanthropy voluntary service and caring. Indiana University Press.
1.Prepare a rough draft for the essay assigned for the Module 4 Case.

2.Prepare a References Page for the essay assigned for the Module 4 Case

•Write a persuasive essay (no less than SIX pages in length) that encourages the reader to “give.”

•Demonstrate the ability to make and support a Persuasive claim in a well-supported, organized, and cohesive essay.

•Demonstrate an understanding of audience appeals and the ability to use appeals effectively in persuading the reader

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