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Negotiations Student’s Name University Affiliation Negotiations Ethical Issues During the negotiations the United States and Iran the main parties were opposed to each other. America demanded a total dismantling of Iran’s nuclear facility. The US demanded that even the nuclear technology meant for civilian use as well as its missile program be dismantled (Shi 2015). As such the US would not mind if Iran fell under international pressure or internal strife. On the other hand Iran wanted to preserve most of its missile and nuclear infrastructure and have as little scrutiny as possible from the international community no felt that they succeeded to such an extent that they could publicly own the victory (Tarock 2016). As such this shows that true negotiation involves creating mutual value. Getting what one wants involves finding out what the other party wants and helping them achieve it. References Jessen E. (2017). European Diplomacy in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations: What Impact Did It Have? Bruges Political Research Papers 61/2017. Shi J. (2015). US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Time for a paradigm shift. Chicago Policy Review (Online). Tarock A. (2016). The Iran nuclear deal: winning a little losing a lot. Third World Quarterly 37(8) 1408-1424.
The discussion of 5 ethical issues affecting stakeholder parties in the Iran nuclear deal (U.S. and Iran). discuss negotiating tactics used and the issues from them.

here are some links to help, feel free to do extra research to help discuss ethical issues and include what negotiating tacts where used and why.

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