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Benefits of banning cigarette smoking in public places Name Institution Professor Course Date The act of smoking is the common form of the relaxation of the drug under which the individual feels the unusual sense of the pleasure and it is always used to relieve the anxiety. Cigarette smoking is addictive and it is very difficult for an individual to abandon this behavior. In the modern days the cigarette smoking is very rampant among the teenagers and adults and they have become addicted to this habit. Nevertheless cigarette smoking is very harmful to health and causes dangerous impacts on the human body system. Tobacco smoking causes over 2 million deaths in every year and most of the deaths are caused by the exposure of the cigarette smoking to the non-smokers. Smoking of the cigarette affects the health of the smokers and the non-smokers and has led to the rising Kairouz S. Lasnier B. Mihaylova T. Montreuil A. & Cohen J. E. (2014). Smoking restrictions in homes after implementation of a smoking ban in public places. Nicotine & Tobacco Research  17(1) 41-47. McLaren W. (2005). Cigarette Butts: One Huge Problem Two Solutions. Treehugger.Retrieved December 7 2009 from Nan Y. Xi Z. Yang Y. Wang L. L. Tu M. W. Wang J. J. & Jiang Y. (2016). The 2015 China Adult Tobacco Survey: Exposure to second-hand smoke among adults aged 15 and above and their support to policy on banning smoking in public places. Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi= Zhonghua liuxingbingxue zazhi  37(6) 810-815. One in Ten Quit Smoking Since Ban (2007). Wiltshire Times. Retrieved December 5 2009 from Secondhand Smoke (2009). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved December 5 2009 from Smoking ban spurs 400 000 people to quit the habit (2008). Mail Online. Retrieved December 5 2009 from

1,500-2,000 words (excluding references)
8 references
Cover Page
Reference Page

Write an essay taking the “for” or “against” side of any current issue. Assume that the reader has feelings opposite to yours and attempt to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view. You will do this by making a strong THESIS statement at the beginning and supporting that idea with at least 4 REASONS:

Reason #1with evidence
Reason #2 with evidence
Reason #3 with evidence
Reason #4 with evidence

Choose a topic which is of interest to you. Narrow your topic down as much as you can—your paper will be more persuasive that way. Present a PRESCRIPTIVE thesis (what should/shouldn’t be), not a descriptive one (what is/isn’t).

Use at least three of the following rhetorical modes for the supporting evidence that will develop your reasons:

narrative comparison/contrast description
causal analysis definition

Use at least eight references or quotations from at least five outside sources to illustrate and defend your thesis. These must be chosen from at least three of the following categories.

Periodical (magazine or journal) Television program
Daily newspaper Government publication
Book (limit 2) Live lecture
Other Internet source Pamphlet
Personal interview (limit 1) DVD
=an expert, not an average citizen=

Support your opinion with inarguable FACTS. Give supporting evidence that is free of logical fallacies, assumptions, and biases. Naturally, your own commentary must be free of these weaknesses and above all rational and non-emotional.

Cite your sources using the APA style of documentation. Give parenthetical references within your text and include a “Reference” list at the end of the paper with full publication data on each source.

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