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My OD Intervention – Task 3

ABC Restaurant Contracting Report Name Institution ABC Restaurant Contracting Report Introduction ABC Restaurant in Manhattan has long been regarded as one of the best destinations for many travelers and city dwellers in New York. While enjoying this popularity the restaurant has had some negative attributes which need to be addressed quickly. The restaurant has poor bar services despite offering good food and possessing a quality staff. This report addresses this problem with the intentions of obtaining a contract to transform the ABC Restaurant into a world-class player in the hospitality industry. Resolution Limited is dedicated and focused on obtaining a contract to facilitate the realization of this dream. This company has acclaimed countrywide acknowledgment in serving in this capacity and would be happy to impact ABC Restaurant combating this deficiency positively. Problem Definition and Implications Despite enjoying a significant market share in the hotel industry in a city with between the management and me. It is crucial for it to remain private so that ABC comes up with a unique structure that will give it a competitive advantage over other restaurants in the city. The management pays for the intervention on the final stage of intervention. This should be directed to my bank account under the name of Resolution Ltd which is my company. Qualifications My company Resolution Limited has had many records of successfully turning non-performing businesses to shoot within one month after intervention. The broad range of experience plus a trained staff in this field has made us outstanding among other consultant firms. We have served abroad and many of our clients were very happy and reported success after our intervention. I have a master’s degree in consultancy from the Harvard University which means I am fit to serve you and bring success to your business.
Using ABC Restaurant in Manhattan, NY

Prepare a report on the contracting process to include:

Statement of the problem, including the appropriate intervention level (individual or group).
Implications of the problem for the organization.
Methodology or approach to the OD engagement:
Data-gathering proposal, including what data is to be gathered and from whom.

Tools and techniques proposed for use to undertake the project, reasons to choose those tools and techniques, and an explanation of how the tools and techniques are appropriate for the level of the problem identified.

Outcomes the organization should anticipate as a result of the intervention.

Timetable for the overall engagement, with milestones listed for intermediate stages, to include:

When you will gather data

When you will have meetings with management.

When you will implement individual or team interventions. How will these interventions be completed? For example, how many meetings will you conduct? How long will the meetings last? How long will the intervention last?

When you expect the intervention to be completed.

When you will have a wrap-up meeting with management (or with the entire organization or selected parts of it).

Your needs and role as the change agent.

Confidentiality agreement.

Fees and when fees should be paid (if you are an external consultant/OD practitioner).

Your qualifications to take the engagement (if you are an external consultant/OD practitioner).

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