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My fouth essay

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Class Name Date Lets Get Rid of the Kardashians TV series Keeping up With the Kardashians is very popular for their looks They constantly show nudity in the public eyes. Kardashian women are known to have big assets skinny waist unrealized booty and God forbid them to have cellulite on their thighs like a normal woman. This has caused change in how men view women bodies; how young women see their bodys not being perfect the way they are. The most known Kardashian would be Kim she got famous when her sex tape was leaked out to the world. She’s a very curvy woman that likes to show her body off. Kim is known for her unrealistic bubble shape but In East and Elegy it says “Kim is clearly the brains behind the family racket turned a third-rate sex tape with a fourth-rate rapper (the precedence to the youths. Social media has been used to manipulate the young girls into thinking that they are not beautiful enough and their pungent curves are missing something. A time has come for the youth to stand for whom they are to shun the solicitude of social media embrace themselves and love who they are passionately. Work cite “East End Elegy.”Newsweek Global vol. 163 no. 4 25 July 2014 pp. 1-8. EBSCOhost Gibson Megan. “Kendall Jenner Appears on Not One but Two Teen Vogue Covers.” Time.Com 06 Aug. 2014 p. 1. EBSCOhost Macsai Dan et al. “The Most Influential People on the Internet.” Time vol. 185 no. 9 16 Mar. 2015 pp. 52-55. EBSCOhost Hanan Mian Ahmad et al. “Body Image Discrepancy and Surgical Concerns: Thin Ideal Internalization as a Mediator.” Journal of Behavioural Sciences vol. 27 no. 2 Dec. 2017 pp. 48-58. EBSCOhost
re write and add to it so its four pages. i need it to be corrected i have alot of errors

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