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Min 520 – Pastoral Studies Text: The Ambitious Pastor, Dr. Art Christmas

Name Professor Institution Affiliation Ameliorating Christian Faith Ministry Book Summary Pastoral Studies Text: The Ambitious Pastor Dr. Art Christmas Introduction A pastor or a shepherd in the recent past has come with a range of demands duties responsibilities and roles. In so doing it has become a common phenomenon that the pastor performs multiple tasks and roles all the same. All this is geared towards leading the congregation towards spiritual development. Additionally these roles are conglomerated with an aim of enhancing spiritual growth. It is through such analysis that it becomes important to have a deep understanding of these roles and hence the need to analyze and summarize The Ambitious Pastor by Dr. Art Christmas. This book has been an important tool in addressing various roles of pastors. It covers in depth the five main roles of an ambitious pastor. It primarily focuses on excellence by the pastors while primary duty is to spread the gospel and to offer spiritual nourishment. Thus it is by recruiting new members to the church and taking to the good news to the community. The pastor should be the catalyst for the outreach success(45). The pastor should befriend sinners and invite them to the church. The pastor should convert as many as possible to the community. The pastor should live the gospel every day be a leader of in the evangelism program engage the church and keep the calling. Conclusion From the above analysis it is only true to hold that the pastor performs various roles in the church setup. These roles include Preaching Worship Leader Teacher Pastoral Counselor Church Administrator and Evangelist. These roles are not mutually exclusive as this would lead to the dry gospel. Work Cited Christmas Art E. Ambitious Pastor. Place of publication not identified: Infinity Pub 2014. Print
Summary submissions should be 10-20 pages in length. The majority of the paper should be a summary of the content of the text written in the Student’s own words. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. In addition, a statement or paragraph concerning what was learned and how it is applicable to the Student’s life and/or ministry should be included. Newburgh suggests that the Student briefly summarize each chapter of the text as it is reviewed. Once the paper is completed, the Student should then review and make any revisions necessary to present a good summary for submission.

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