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Milestone 3

Milestone 3: Performance Management Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Effective performance management plays important development and administrative roles in every organization. The modern business environment is creating numerous pressures that call for the enhancement of productivity and efficiency in all organizations. Productivity and efficiency of an organization are based on ensuring that all employees show continuous improvement of the skills abilities and productivity levels. It is the role of the Human Resource Department to implement effective performance management and improvement schemes or processes with the aim of ensuring competitive power at an employee and corporate level (Cascio 2018). Among the major aspects that will be discussed on the milestone below are the role of HRM in ensuring the performance management processes implemented align with a company’s strategic plan a definition of various appraisal systems and the suitable appraisal systems for Maersk Customer Service –CARE Business Partner and an evaluation of performance management aligns well with the strategic plans of an organization it is vital to ensure that performance management motivates development learning and performance of all employees. Value of performance management is based on the selection of effective appraisal systems and effective appraisal rating scales depending on the aspects to be appraised and the goals of the appraisals. It is the role of the HRM to select effective performance management system depending on the needs of its employees and the organization in general. References Cardy R. & Leonard B. (2014). Performance Management: Concepts Skills and Exercises: Concepts Skills and Exercises. New York NY: Routledge. Cascio W. (2018). 8.1: Performance Management Systems. In Managing Human Resources. Boston: Cengage Learning. Society for Human Resource Management (2014). Performance Management: Which performance rating scale is best and what should an employer consider in adopting a performance rating scale? Society for Human Resource Management.
2-3 page report on performance management due on March 30th.

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