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Methodology Paper

Research Methodology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Research Methodology. In this study the researcher looks to examine the phenomenon through observations in numerical presentations and statistics (Nielsen 2011). The study will also look at a deeper and comprehensive understanding of behaviour of humans towards women and the reasons and causes of such behaviour. It will highlight the methods that were employed to accomplish the research requirements and goals. The chapter will outline the criteria applied by the researcher in aspects such as the target population sampling methods data collection tools and procedures and the methods used in data analysis and presentation. Population of the Study: The target populations in this study comprises of social workers in Chicago. A list of all social work agencies was obtained from the Chicago City Hall. All the agencies were then sampled to obtain the required sample size of 300 participants. The population the researcher (Leese 2003). Findings should not be seen to isolate one group. Care should be taken to demonstrate that gender discrimination cuts across all communities. References Brown A. (2010). Qualitative method and compromise in applied social research. Qualitative Research 10(2) 229-248. Facio A. & Morgan M. (2009). Equity or Equality for Women? Understanding CEDAW’s Equality Principles. SSRN Electronic Journal. International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory & Practice. (2012). International Journal Of Social Research Methodology 15(6) Ebi-ebi. Leese M. (2003). Book Review: Statistical methods for the analysis of repeated measurements. Statistical Methods In Medical Research 12(5) 473-474. Mia A. (2012). Ethical Issues in Social Research. Bangladesh Journal Of Bioethics 1(1). Nielsen R. (2011). Cues to Quality in Quantitative Research Papers. Family And Consumer Sciences Research Journal 40(1) 85-89. Packham N. (2015). Combining Latin Hypercube Sampling With Other Variance Reduction Techniques. Wilmott 2015(76) 60-69.
Remember, you were awarded $100, Each module, students will participate in a class discussion. The discussion topics will relate to the readings and will encourage the student to apply what they have learned during the module as they engage with both the instructor and their fellow students. Each module, students will be required to respond to the given discussion questions with a substantial post that demonstrates depth of understanding and is supported by a minimum of one cited and referenced source. A student’s initial post should be at least 300 words in length. This initial post should be posted each module by Saturday at 11:55 p.m. EST., Week 6

to conduct a quantitative study of your choosing. Now, the agency wants a proposal on how you will carry out the research. In other words, you will need to write a “methodology” paper. Using the same topic, research goals, and question(s) and hypotheses you generated in Week 1, follow the instructions below:

On a separate cover page, indicate your topic and specify your research study’s goals and research questions and hypotheses. If on the first assignment, I had suggested you make modifications, please incorporate those changes. On this same cover page, identify the research study’s independent and dependent variables.
Now, you can begin writing the methodology paper. The methodology paper should be three to four pages (double spaced, not including references).
It should include the following sections:
Indicate how you plan to operationally define the variables you have identified. Choose one key variable and suggest a possible measurement instrument for this variable (either a standardized measure or one you develop). Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this chosen measure. Attach a copy of the selected measure to your paper.
Identify a population of interest. Describe a sampling system for choosing a sample of one of the following:
Residents of a community
Clients of an agency during the past five years
Clients of an agency during the next three years
Social workers in Florida
Another population of interest to you
Evaluate the feasibility of your sampling strategy. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this sampling technique.
Identify a data-collection strategy. Evaluate the feasibility of this plan. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this data-gathering strategy.
Select a research design and evaluate how well it addresses threats to internal and external validity.
Identity the data-analysis strategy that would be the best fit for the type of data you have collected (i.e., which statistical test(s) are the best fit for your data and why).
Ethical considerations. What are the potential ethical issues related to your proposed study and how are you going to address each one.
The methodology portion of your paper should be three to four pages double spaced and written in proper APA format. In addition to the minimum page count (i.e., three pages and one-line minimum), you should also include a cover page and a reference page in APA format.

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